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iPaladin Client Case Study

Family office leaders search through overflowing email inboxes and disorganized servers for the information they need to manage their family’s wealth and estate. And these fragmented digital systems were also leaving important family documents vulnerable to security and privacy concerns.

iPaladin Digital Family Office is a technology company focused on giving more time back to busy family office leaders by providing the infrastructure to run their businesses with greater efficiency. As a blockchain-based technology platform, iPaladin enables the storage of documents, information, and communications necessary to run a top-notch family office.

The Wealth Creator is one of four personas for iPaladin. This video seeks to connect with the value of legacy creation.

iPaladin’s need was simple. They needed both awareness in their market and to generate demand for their platform. This simple need was only made complex by the nature of their audience. Many of their primary customers and decision-makers were not exactly easy to reach. This was a very discreet audience, and it was going to take a little more than some Google Adwords to drive the results they were seeking.

The Family Office Executive persona is the primary decision maker for iPaladin’s product. This narrative focuses on their need for a more proactive technology solution to focus on the critical work.

Coconspirator collaborated with iPaladin’s founders to define their audience segments, including several family office professionals and even some family members themselves. We then crafted distinct narratives that would uniquely resonate with each of the personas we identified.

The Fiduciary persona includes lawyers, accountants, and other advisors who counsel the family. This message looks at how they spend their time and whether they are creating value or simply managing tasks.

Armed with a deep understanding of the needs of each of their audience segments, we identified one of the iPaladin founders as a deep subject matter expert. We began prepping her for in-person opportunities at industry events and conferences. This audience would value her decades of experience, and the added face time would build rapport and relationships within the industry.

The campaign’s momentum led to a higher rate of interest than traditional tactics could achieve. iPaladin established credibility and opened a dialogue with their most valuable potential customers with a targeted, personal approach.

The Gatekeeper persona was identified as a highly influential member of the team. They are often an office manager or executive assistant trusted for much of the information iPaladin holds. This video connects to what iPaladin can provide them – the opportunity to grow their value and impact.


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