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As an entrepreneur you have a myriad of responsibilities that distract you from giving your marketing the attention it deserves. As a result it is left to garner only marginal results. Growing startups and small businesses often overlook the value of executive marketing leadership. This is where a fractional Chief Marketing Officer can help.

It is quite common for entrepreneurs and founders to spend years executing marketing tactics while only making a small dent in their overall market. Meanwhile, marketing budgets are spent inefficiently and ineffectively. Strategic leadership and performance-focused tactics are often the missing ingredients.

CMO Services

Coconspirator offers a range of services that can provide startups and growth-focused businesses with the edge they need to begin seeing results. Through a thoughtful understanding of your business combined with decades of strong brand experience, a fractional Chief Marketing Officer can be the difference you need. Coconspirator specializes in post-revenue startups and growth-focused companies between $500,000 and $10 million in annual revenue.


Branding goes beyond a name, a logo and some colors. We help define a strong brand identity and maintain an effective strategic position. Who and why are just as important as what.


Your business needs well-defined customer personas and journeys, thoughtful messaging and effective planning. Informed strategy drives results.


Simply having a great brand and informed strategy isn't enough. Experienced executional leadership will be the centerpiece of your success. Vision without execution is an illusion.


Your marketing projects will benefit from experienced management and execution using a network of strong, independent resources and award-winning creative agencies. Presentation is everything.

Built for startups

It's never too early or too late to check the health of your startup's brand. In this engagement we perform a strategic review of your current assets and needs. Then we set a plan with specific but acheiveable goals to move your marketing performance from good to amazing.

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Engineered for growing businesses

Your business has seen success and you've built a strong customer base. Now you're looking to accelerate your growth. We ensure you have what you need for the journey, chart a course for optimal results, and then we help you make it happen. This engagement is recommended for a minimum of six to nine months.

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Serving all businesses

Having an experienced advisor at your disposal can make your business soar. A knowledgable professional to call for questions, counsel, and support is a valuable asset in your business's growth. Engagements can be customized to your business's individual needs.

Monthly retainers starting at at $1800.

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Why choose us

Coconspirator is not simply a substitute for a fully-deployed Chief Marketing Officer. We are not merely an alternative to the salary and overhead required by executive marketing talent. We are a strong resource, experienced professionals, and loyal members of your leadership team. We work diligently to maintain both value and impact. We are your partner in success. We are your CMO.


Collaboration is most effective when we are deeply engaged with your team.


We are proactive. We don't wait for assignments, we help drive the work.


Even these days, marketing is still more art than science. We use both to assure results.


There really is only one measure of success we recognize - positive results.

About Coconspirator

Partners in performance

We believe in sustainable effort. We are driven by helping entrepreneurs create value for their customers and their company. We help entrepreneurs grow their brand with strategic leadership and sound marketing execution. We are deeply integrated partners. This partnership approach and a network of strong talent give us the ability to apply both art and science to produce results.

Coconspirator was founded in St. Petersburg, Florida and serves growing businesses everywhere. Founder, Shane Needham, is a decorated veteran of the advertising agency world and has served most recently as a production executive at the Southeast's largest independent agency. With his experience across a multitude of clients like Publix, Home Depot, and Buffalo Wild Wings, Shane brings strong brand experience with a strategic, customer-centric approach. Coconspirator can serve your brand with a mix of strategic counsel, executive leadership and marketing operations management.








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Coconspirator was founded in St. Petersburg, Florida and exists to help startups and growing businesses everywhere.

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